Bible Study and Other Opportunities for spiritual growth

Union Presbyterian Church offers a number of opportunities to study together and learn more about God's world. 

Bible Study and BLT's

Thursday's at noon, members of the congregation and others gather to study God's word and have lunch together.  Pastor Doug House leads the bible study in Fellowship Hall at 700 Fisk Avenue in Brownwood, Texas.  All are welcome.

Church Library

Thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers, the UPC library is open.  When you find a book or magazine you are interested in, just fill out the form on the clipboard.    There is also a magazine clipboard.  Don’t let the bar code numbers scare you away.  The only numbers needed are the ones on the right side of the bar code.  Ignore the zeros on the left.  There is an example on the form to help you.  

A number of books and videos are available for children.  Grandparents may wish to check out materials for grandchildren to enjoy during their visits.

Get Connected

Members of Union Presbyterian Church serve in a number of local ministries.  We believe that what we do within each ministry is a witness to our love of God and our commitment to service.

Good Samaritan Ministries

A mission that supplies food and clothing as well as ministering to residents of Brown County

 Meals on Wheels

A meal program for needy or elderly residents which is locally sponsored by the Red Cross.  Members of Union Presbyterian Church assist in the delivery of meals for one week every two months.

Pearl Griffin Memorial Latch Key Program

Union Presbyterian Church’s involvement with Latch Key goes back more than 35 years, when the congregation created the program as a local mission. Soon, it expanded beyond a single church and became the independent, non-profit, community-based program that had been envisioned from the start.

As enrollment grew, Latch Key found a new home at First Christian Church, and since 1991 up to 85 youngsters in the Brownwood school district have attended this state-licensed after-school program each semester. This is all provided for eligible families at no cost to them. The children study and play in supervised activities until their working parents pick them up at the end of the day.

A local board of directors working with its administrator, Jessica Hardy, ensure that every budget dollar is maximized. Staff members come from the Work Study Program at Howard Payne University, minimizing payroll costs. Latch Key enjoys funding from Brown County United Way, local foundations, churches like UPC, and generous individuals.

More information is available at the website below.